Susegad Stories From Goa

1.10 What it takes to become Goa’s No.1 Digital Creator! with Moses Saldanha

July 08, 2022 Season 1 Episode 10
Susegad Stories From Goa
1.10 What it takes to become Goa’s No.1 Digital Creator! with Moses Saldanha
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If you are looking for recommendations on Goa’s offbeat beaches, wine shops and food joints, you just can't look past the plethora of content that our guest for this week has put out!

Moses Saldanha talks about his journey of becoming the biggest digital creator of Goa. How did his videos help local food joints to grow their businesses exponentially? How can one build a personal brand and earn money from Youtube? What are some mistakes an aspiring digital creator should avoid? Tune in to find out!

Moses Saldanha is a 30-year old businessman, traveller and Goa’s No.1 Youtube sensation with over 630 videos amassing over 6 million views! He started his Youtube channel around September 2020 in order to show people the Goan life during the lockdown. He features less popular food joints, wine shops and suggests some offbeat activities one must do when in Goa. 

Travel tip: On your next trip to Goa, have a delicious, home-cooked fish thali at Chandrakant’s Restaurant in Candolim and thank Moses Saldanha for this amazing recommendation! 

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Hosted by Clyde D’Souza. He is a creative director who has worked in TV, print, and digital. His book Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment captures Goa through conversations, memories, stories, recipes and much more. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and lives the Susegad lifestyle every day! Follow him on Instagram @clydedsouzaauthor

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Editing and soundtrack by Aditya Arya

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Brought to you by Bound, a company that helps you grow through stories. Follow us @boundindia on all social platforms for updates on this podcast or take a look at their other podcasts.

Hosted by Clyde D’Souza. He is a creative director who has worked in TV, print, and digital. His book Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment captures Goa through conversations, memories, stories, recipes and much more. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and lives the Susegad lifestyle every day! Follow him on Instagram @clydedsouzaauthor.

Clyde D'Souza  0:08  
Hello and welcome to say God stories from Goa. I'm your host glide D'Souza. I'm a three time published author, media professional, and a go and who loves everything about Goa. My latest book is called to Susegad, the Goan Art of contentment. In my podcast, I chat with some famous and some of my favorite goals. And together we explore go beyond the speeches from Feni. To follow Casa to cashews, come discover GOA like you've never done before.

Now this is an episode for those who love all the exciting activity around go from beaches to wine shops, to fish tallies, and lots more. It's also an episode for creative folks who want to know how to create their own digital brand, whether it's being a YouTuber or an Insta influencer. My conversation today is with the great and young Moses Saldana just 30 a passionate traveler A businessman. And guess what his goal was number one youtuber with over 600 videos and around 26 million views. Fascinating, truly fascinating. I'm a huge fan personally of his unique video style. And narration. Welcome to Susesgad stories from GOA. Moses.

Unknown Speaker  1:30  
Hi, good evening. So it's good to be on the show. Great, Moses.

Clyde D'Souza  1:34  
Nice to hear your voice. And obviously, I watch you a lot on YouTube ever since the pandemic. But before we get into the whole conversation, I always like to start this podcast because it's audio I like to give a sense of where you are, what are your surroundings so that the audience can kind of visualize that in their heads? You know, because we're all in different parts of India and some of us even from different parts of the world. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:57  
So I live in Poland and right now I'm staying with my family. So we have our old Portuguese house, you know,

Clyde D'Souza  2:03  
lovely. Yeah, so poem I guess most people would know that. It's like, you know, close to the highway. It's right before the panjin bridge. Right. And it's quite a nice busy little beautiful place quite developed. There's a lovely mall, also in Poland, right, Moldova.

Unknown Speaker  2:19  
Yes, this is very close to the mall. I live very close to the mall. Yes, the good part about poor RAM is like you have access to everything from here, you have supermarkets, the mall, you have everything around, so it's very accessible to beaches as well. So, you know, it has the best of both worlds. And, you know, it's very close to the city. So it's, it's if somebody wants to, you know, settle down params a really good place to, like, you know, settle down. And, you know, if you are not like, you know, you don't want to be in a complete village, or you don't want to be in the complete city. So this has like a half half of everything.

Clyde D'Souza  2:56  
Yeah, true. So you know what, during the lockdown, you helped me live vicariously through GWA because all of us were missing it. And what I liked about the video that popped up for me was the Candolim Street, because that's where I'm from. And I loved seeing Newton's I love seeing the beach road, I love seeing, I think it was also called Candolim Cafe if I'm not mistaken. So it was very nice. And I love the fact that you shoot it in this very unique style by I think you put a GoPro on your head and you narrate it with a voiceover. So what gave you the idea of shooting it in this manner? What was the trigger, give us the backstory.

Unknown Speaker  3:27  
So what happened was, I started YouTube in the month of September 2020. So during that time, you know, people were stuck at home, and you know, there was the lockdown everything. So me myself being very frustrated at home, you know, and I wanted to see like, you know, give people a door or a window to look out into the world. So I thought why not go out and show people you know, the streets and what it seems like right now, because, you know, me personally, I was always looking online for videos of different places that I visited during my travels and go up in such a, you know, important destination for tourism. I said why not? You know, because many people have, you know, memories of go and you know, try and show the streets and everything. So then I started going around and it was became very interesting to people. So, you know, many people told me you know, we have no windows at home. We live in Mumbai or Pune and we stay in like little houses. But just looking at the TV screen we have you know, feel that we are writing ourselves and go

Clyde D'Souza  4:34  
exactly and so quickly just tell me what is the bike and how do you put the how do you fit the group GoPro and where do you fit it?

Unknown Speaker  4:40  
It's not a GoPro I use a DGI and what I do is I have a backpack mount so I put it on my backpack and what happens is because my camera has a gimbal it's a very small camera and it has a gimbal of its own. So if anybody doesn't know what a gimbal is, it's like a device that floats in the air and holds the camera steady. So there's no shake at all. Yeah, yeah. So then I use that on my backpack, and then I ride around. And, you know,

Clyde D'Souza  5:10  
what's the bike? What's the bike that you ride on?

Unknown Speaker  5:13  
So I have different bikes. So I personally like bikes more than cars.

Clyde D'Souza  5:18  
So I know that she was.

Unknown Speaker  5:21  
So yeah, I would have Benelli as well. But that one is way too loud. For me to shoot video. Yeah. So so what I do is I have an access and I have an active as well. So those are like my daily rides.

Clyde D'Souza  5:36  
Nice. So super. And have you had any crazy incidents while shooting on your bike?

Unknown Speaker  5:42  
It has happened to me once where we had thing that the dog came running after me in the video, which was very funny. And the patient went wild with it.

Clyde D'Souza  5:52  
Yeah, I'm sure so I just saw your latest video, which I think you upload it today. It's about re the reasonable goes Beach, which is again, just just before pendulum. Yeah, so that was very nice.

Unknown Speaker  6:03  
That's a very beautiful area, you know and go and most people don't realize that there is Margot's fort is very beautiful. So most people only go to the Aguada fort and then they lose out on seeing one another beautiful place. Because then you have the race Margot's church as well, which is very beautiful there. Yeah, I

Clyde D'Souza  6:19  
think it's a bit hidden and the access is a bit you know, off. So that's why I think it kind of gets overshadowed by the whole Candolim Calangute photogallery stretch.

Unknown Speaker  6:27  
Yes. So basically what happened was many people kept on asking me, like, shows what GWA looks like in the rains. But you know, I didn't want to show any commercial side of who I said might as well show you like a real village and you know, the real life how we see it every day. So you know that we can see it in a different light.

Clyde D'Souza  6:48  
Yeah, so So yeah, you're from you know, India's tinier state. You're a young person just 30 You've got now about more than 100,000 subscribers. I think your latest count is over 172,000 subscribers. Your most popular video has about 3.3 million views. And surprise, surprise, the most popular video I think is about coal prices. I guess that's what tourists wants. That's what they want. But what my favorite video of yours is is the one that you shot about the 91 year old bakery in Panjim la Confeitaria right very nice and I like that bakery. It's it's again it's just a small little place but you know, the kind of essence that it brings about gua is really nice. So now as someone who has done so many videos more than 60 What's your favorite video which is Dylan let's say non touristy.

Unknown Speaker  7:34  
630 videos just to correct Yes.

Clyde D'Souza  7:38  
Correct. Yes here

Unknown Speaker  7:41  
so yeah, so what happens is one of my favorite videos is basically I would say the one of Boonville which is a restaurant which is it was a small restaurant you know a little hole in the wall and today they sent you know they posted a nice appreciation post today you know appreciating my video because you know I once I did that video the big you know the from morning to evening they're always full Wow. So you know then they recall every day I was just talking to the waiter a couple of days back and he said you know every day somebody will tell me that they saw your video and came and told my friend you know, ever since Moses came I have not had one leave and I've done a lot of small videos you know with the small restaurants and my whole goal is you know I don't like to do commercial videos where you know you promote or get sponsored or anything like that dry whole goal is to help the local businesses actually get these small restaurants into the limelight so that they can have like an proper opportunity

Clyde D'Souza  8:51  
correct yeah no that's very nice even your the liquor video also it doesn't feature any big wine shop it kind of features just a small I think small liquor shop run by one guy who's standing behind the counter and yeah, that's what I noticed that and I really thought that was very nice of you to kind of you know focus the spotlight on someone who's not really got the big you know, bucks behind them and all of that so yeah, now the other thing that I want to know is like again why is so beautiful there's so much to see 11 Rivers more than 35 beaches 347 villages for us to pick up you know our one of our favorite villages and like my favorite village for example is like again off condo limits the size of a village you know, yeah, which has the famous simonia Bakery. Now, I want to ask you, what is your favorite part of go again one of those off beaten tracks if you can tell this.

Unknown Speaker  9:40  
So my, you know, my personal I usually whenever I want to get away from the public or whatever, I used to go to Paula lamb from when I was a young boy. In fact, I used to when I was 15 or 16 years old. I still remember taking the bus. I should take three or four buses and have that time I think I paid about two When rupees to Greek parliament from forever and now, yeah, I even remember, you know, at one point of time, there was no bus back and I slept on the beach in Panama. So those are like, you know, beautiful memories of that place. So, you know, that was one of my secrets, I would say, is of how I discovered a lot of GWA was because I made a lot of friends with international tourists and international tourists. At that point of time used to like to explore go and find all the, you know, hidden gems, like we used to go and find waterfalls, they were more adventurous, more adventurous, I would say yes. And because of that, I got to see a lot of places which were off the beaten path. And you know, like, you know, going asking villagers about where waterfalls are, and just going right into the jungles and finding some waterfalls, and villagers who used to come and, you know, give us food at home, we used to sit and eat in their houses for free, you know, and it was a crazy, crazy experience. Because that time was not commercial. It was just a different world altogether.

Clyde D'Souza  11:10  
No, you're right. A Goa is a very friendly place, maybe even a little bit too friendly. Sometimes I think. Now I want to ask you, like, you know, there are different types of videos that you shoot one is like a virtual tour. The other is these shops or restaurants. And I guess the third one would be probably like the one where you go to eating joints. But what's your favorite ones? Which one do you like? Do you like the virtual tool? Do you like the shops or the restaurants? Which category of these videos is your personal like you look, you get excited, pumped up and you say like, Okay, today's that day.

Unknown Speaker  11:41  
I personally like when I have, you know, a story behind it. Like, for example, I did a video of this restaurant where this lady was making tallies for the last 20 years. And nobody knew much about her. So um, surely the locals, you know, a few locals used to go there. And, you know, I went there, and I did a video of that. And the very next day, you know, I think at that time it was starting of season and Around 20,000 people watched it on the first day now. And you know, from the very next day onwards, there was a line of people outside her restaurant. And my friend called me up and he said, it's, you know, 330 In the evening, and I'm still I'm still waiting for lunch. And then I see you this two buses of tourists that are parked outside the restaurant. You know, the tempo traveller buses, those Yeah. So they said, Yeah, tempo travelers, and people are waiting in line outside the restaurant.

Clyde D'Souza  12:45  
So let's give them some more business. Moses, what's the name of the restaurant and where is it?

Unknown Speaker  12:49  
So this is called Shandra con that is in Candolim is right next to the beach. And the tally that she offers is 100 rupees, you know, and that was something that the people could not believe, you know, delicious. Thali, 400 rupees that to a fish Candolim Well, I'm

Clyde D'Souza  13:06  
going to check it out.

Unknown Speaker  13:07  
And not only that it was a Pomfret. Thali, can you believe it? So she was using Unreal, tali 400 rupees at that point of time. So, yeah, so but what happened was, it changes their lives, you know, and then that video went on to maybe one lakh or more. So then it was complete them and then they got so much business and till today, right? Like, even last week, I met somebody on the road. And they said, he said, Hi, sir, I just watched your video and I was in Chandra Khan just now. And I watched your videos. And then he said, You know, I've been going for breakfast lunch and dinner there. I said why? And he said, No, we like the food so much that we've been going there again and again.

Clyde D'Souza  13:55  
Super great. All right. So now what the other thing I want to ask you is a lot of people are becoming creators, you know, from consumers that come in now I'm doing this podcast, you're doing these videos, there are people doing reviews, and we are kind of seeing like this. I don't know, it's like this, you know, revolution, this wave of content creators and I think a lot of people are now appreciating how difficult it is to create content, you know, because they themselves are trying it out whether it's on Instagram. So what's your favorite part about making a video? Is it the thought the conceptualizing writing the script? shooting, editing it writing the comments, maybe sometimes? What's your favorite part about this whole

Unknown Speaker  14:31  
process? You know, the great part about YouTube is people you know, they've, they're part of your lives, like people watch you every day because I post videos almost every day. So people you know, they will when they watch you almost every day, you know you become part of their family. And you know, they'll write right into me on Instagram or Facebook and they send me these beautiful messages of you know, how think these particular videos meant to some people, you know, right, which is well you you'd

Clyde D'Souza  15:00  
like the whole community aspect of it and how you're kind of building a bond and a relationship with viewers and audience very

Unknown Speaker  15:07  
beautiful experience, because you know, you never know what it means to somebody. So one of the experiences, which I found was very interesting was one of the ladies, you know, this is not a lady released, they were newlywed couple. And she had lost her husband to COVID. Just, you know, and they had recently come on a honeymoon to go. And she told me, you know, it brought so many beautiful memories to her because she and her husband were riding on that same road,

Clyde D'Souza  15:35  
right? I mean, when we create when we when we create something we don't know how we're connecting with, with our audiences. So yeah, that's an it's beautiful. I mean, what a touching thing and yeah, right. I mean, some of the feedback that you get, you don't know how you're kind of bonding with people on what basis? Yeah, so yeah, that's, that's great. Now, the other thing that I want to ask you is that, of course, there's the whole, you know, this appreciation from the audiences and all of that, but there's also the business aspect of it, because obviously, you're looking at this also as something that might sustain you financially. So are you getting that kind of, you know, that revenue stream, let's say? Or are you getting brands that are approaching you, especially because you're from GWA? What's What's that scene like? And what's happening on that?

Unknown Speaker  16:16  
So, let me be honest with you see, what happens is, I'm a businessman by profession. So what happens is, I'm in the education industry, and we are, I mean, I would say, I'm pretty settled. So I never took YouTube, as you know, for the monetary aspect. But just, I would say, for somebody who's, you know, trying to be a creator, or whatever they would, it's a lot of money that you can make in the social media. Like, I would say, an average salary would be what 50,000 In India, and on as a creator on YouTube, we would probably on three to four times that every month, right? So I mean, it's a very huge amount. And this is besides sponsorships. And besides any brand deals or anything. So if you're looking for like, you know, even if you do a brand deal or whatever, just for placement, ads, a placement, that means you don't even have to talk about a brand, you know, so I'll just give you a little secret of the industry. Like you don't even have to talk about a brand. Like for example, for example, you're wearing a cap on the video, or you're wearing a t shirt and this you know, this logo is visible in this brand. So you get an X amount of Mr. For that particular video, or every particular video that you're wearing that particular brand would.

Clyde D'Souza  17:42  
Yeah, yeah, super. I mean, yes. I mean, that's what we in the television industry called, you know, brand placements, and subtle passive branding, basically. Yeah, brilliant. But so how have brands approached you? And is that kind of happening for you? Are you seeing that because I was talking to Vince Kosta, you know, who does get creative go, and he was one of the guests. And he's trying to create this community of creative goons within Goa. So have you been approached by

Unknown Speaker  18:09  
a lot of brands contact me on Instagram on email on different forms of like, you know, some people like if they know, mutual friend, they contact my mutual friend and ask them to contact me. So I never wanted to associate with anybody, because then I would lose my freedom of, you know, what I wanted to say what I wanted to shoot, most of the time I declined, but for the brand placements, or those kinds of things, that that that is that I'm always open to and I work with most of the big brands as well.

Clyde D'Souza  18:40  
That's great. That's it's very nice to hear. And I'm sure that all the audience's who are listening, they will know that basically, this is something that that can happen. And that's a good sign. Now the other part is balancing the whole creative and the business part of it now for me personally, when I think of making any creative products, the big thing for me personally, is consistency. Right now, if I had to ask you what ingredients are important to you, and let's say like the three ingredients are discipline, creativity, promotion, so which one is most important to you? Or do you have any others

Unknown Speaker  19:12  
I would say time management. So time management is very important because for me, besides being a businessman and creator, I have a family I'm married, so you know, I have I have to spend a lot of time and my family as well. So for me family is very important. So you know, I always want to make time for my wife or my parents. So anybody in my family

Clyde D'Souza  19:36  
Okay, now again, being a YouTube sounds great a lot of people think okay, or just traveling he's just going on a bike he's just you know, chilling he's eating great food and they just some some of them just look at it as like okay you know, it's it's it sounds like a fun job, but there's a lot of hard work into it like we just mentioned. So can you share like for example, what are the three mistakes that you would tell an upcoming creator to avoid?

Unknown Speaker  19:58  
Three mistakes will be First of all, like, you know, think of what content you're trying to create. And what happens is most creators, they tried to do content, which is not them, or, you know, which is not what they personally enjoy. But just because it is, you know, very trending or whatever. So it's very important to like what you do, because if you don't like it, then after that, also you will run out of topics. So the second thing I would say, is not to believe in what other people think, but always believe in yourself. So like, I mean, like, I started, like, one and a half year old probably now. And over what 13 million views I have now. So, right, I mean, the same people, you know, who is to tell me like, you know, he will never become a YouTuber. These are the same people who will tell people how they became friends with me, you know? So that's, nothing succeeds like success, you have to believe in yourself. Yeah. And the third thing I would say, is just, basically, you know, not to get in, like, you'll have quite a few haters on the way in your comment section, or, you know, people to discourage you, besides you and your friends what I mentioned earlier, but you will have haters, but you know, that you have to understand there are 7 billion people, you know, there's a famous, quote, 7 billion people don't let the opinion of one person, you know, affect you. Yeah, so we focus on that one person when there's 1000 Other comments which are positive. So you know, sometimes you have to destabilize them. And I would always tell a creator, if anybody has been negative with you. Don't give them a second chance, you know, just block them right away. Because what happens is, you don't need any negativity in your life. If somebody's negative, leave them to be negative, but don't let it come into your zone.

Clyde D'Souza  21:58  
Right. That's nice. Yeah, I mean, I believe like, it's all about the energy right? And your, your with your energy, you don't need that kind of energy. And yeah, I completely agree with you. You're doing what you're doing. If they don't like it, they can, you know, go somewhere else, and they don't need to come in hate on your, on your platform. I'm glad you're new view, no spill some really nice, you know, advice over here. So now this question is very important. Because, again, like like I've been, I've like, I've written three books. And now I'm doing the podcast. So I'm also constantly trying to, you know, build my brand. And I'm sure that's what you're doing as well. And one of the things that I've noticed is that the the most important part is not the topics that you choose not the various stories maybe that you tell that's all part of it, but the most important part I think, is people will start watching you or listening to you. Because of you. You know, so no matter where you take them, they will want to follow Moses. Right? That's what I think is that you need to build your self people will like you so what is what is your let's say mantra into doing this as a creative yourself? How do you build the brand of Moses Saldana? What's What's the top thing in your mind?

Unknown Speaker  23:00  
Robin? This is what people have told me like, because I'm very simple for me personally, I'm very simple on camera, there's no air, no show, you know, I'm not talking about and I don't make it a lot about me, you know, you can become a very famous creator, but you become quite hated. Because you know, when people make it all about themselves, and then they go to you know, restaurants and they're rude to people or things like that. I would always tell people you know, to stay humble, because the higher you go, the harder the fall. So it's always important to be very grounded and know who you are, you know? Yeah.

Clyde D'Souza  23:37  
Nice. So yeah, that's then that's your secret of being the Moses Saldana, which is basically stay grounded, stay rooted. Stay humble. That's That's nice. So now what's next for for you? I mean, there is the whole world. I mean, there's in stories, there's maybe your own podcast, who knows? So what is what is your dream your what's your ultimate dream as a influencer as a digital creator,

Unknown Speaker  23:58  
since I started YouTube with GWA I wanted to showcase go out to the world. And you know, go has this vase limited image of only a couple of beaches. But you know, I want to show people like there are so many other things that are villages, there is so much other things that you can come and enjoy. Besides, of course, alcohol is but you know, sometimes you can, you can go to an small little lake, and you can you know, there are cannot rides, there are so many things, besides the main things you find on Google Maps, you know, yeah, this is what I wanted to showcase to the world. And maybe once I complete that, then I would go because I travel all over the world. I've not traveled in so many countries, I want to showcase a lot of other places as well. And also maybe Philippines because my wife is Spanish Filipino. Wow. Okay.

Clyde D'Souza  24:54  
Yeah, I think you've mentioned that I think you met her on one of your travels. And I think if I'm not mistaken you propose store within six days What a fascinating story.

Unknown Speaker  25:02  
So it was six days in the middle of a market with a 40 rupees rain. So I just wanted a sign. I was like, you know, I need a sign to propose to her and there was just this. And we were about to reach the car and there was no sign and then there's to make your short story then somebody just said oh it to me from behind. even believe it, there was just somebody sitting on the side of the road selling rings. And you know, I just bought the ring, it was like 20 pesos, which is 40 rupees in India. So, I got the ring, and I was like, Okay, will you marry me in the middle of the market? And she said, Yes, which was a crazy story.

Clyde D'Souza  25:48  
Great, great for someone who is a digital creator and a traveler and to be proposing like that. I mean, it all fits. It's like literally like divine intervention happening. Whichever, which brings me to my next segment, and it's a nice way to get into our next segment. It's called the Susi God, secret segment, Moses. And I think I know your happy place, which is maybe in front of the camera at creating these lovely videos that you bring to audiences. But if I have to ask you, What is your secret secret? What keeps your soul in a happy place? What would you say?

Unknown Speaker  26:18  
soul in a happy place is I, I actually fear being on camera, because you know, I actually it's quite shy. I'm quite camera shy. So I would say the first and I actually went to shoot a video, you won't believe it. I went to the beach. And I take out the camera and I said, Hey, guys, and welcome to my then I got so scared. Because I had a big camera when I started. And I just ran back to my bike. Then I went back to the beach again. And then I was like, Hey, guys, and like, again, I couldn't do it. You know, I became so nervous, my hands started sweating. And the human says, Yes, I was very scared. So it took me quite a long time to get over that fear. Knowing that but for me, personally, I would like to sit I like quiet places. So I like to sit like in a quiet location somewhere. You know, just how good a chai or something like that and relax. Nice. Because what happens is from a very young age, I was always in you know, parties and those kinds of things so hard this point of life, I want to just, you know, get away from alcohol.

Clyde D'Souza  27:35  
Have a little more, say God in your life,

Unknown Speaker  27:37  
you also want to be my secret story.

Clyde D'Souza  27:42  
Yeah, no, no, you just you just told us the beautiful and very sweet proposal story of yours. So it brings me to my next question. And my next question is something that a lot of my guests, sometimes they get some sometimes they go like, Oh my god, this is so philosophical and deep, but I always get some nice answers. So the question to you is, what is the meaning of love to you?

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
I love is when you can, you know, you can trust somebody completely. And, I mean, I will always say that you should love yourself so much first, so that when you love yourself so much, then you can, in most people, you know, always tell me that, you know, you should love your partner so much. But then what happens is you tend to lose yourself a lot when this happens. So if you love yourself, and you respect yourself a lot, you know that you can give more to somebody else as well. So, I mean, that would be like one of my things, you know, love yourself a lot.

Clyde D'Souza  28:38  
You know? Yeah, if your energies are right, and if you're in love with yourself, then you kind of tend to look at the world differently. And you tend to give more, I guess, once you you know, have made peace with them. Like you said, Love and Respect yourself. That's the first year yeah, well said. Great. That was a good answer, Moses. Now my next segment is called the ouzo round. Okay, and credit goes one of my guests called Sonia filetto. Who gave me I used to call it rapid fire. But then she said, Why not call it ouzo? Which means fire. Right. And so yeah, so this is my ouzo round, which is basically quick questions and one word kind of answers. So you're ready. Yes. Cool. All right. So what is your favorite road to shoot in Goa?

Unknown Speaker  29:20  
I would say Candolim. Ah,

Clyde D'Souza  29:23  
my favorite place. Thank you. So I'm looking forward to more videos. Okay, next next question, who is a young girl and creator that you like? Flex Yeah. Like she has nice flexible Sousa.

Unknown Speaker  29:37  
She does a lot of Instagram. She's very dedicated. And she does a very good job.

Clyde D'Souza  29:43  
Yes, I agree. She's got a lot of passion, a lot of discipline. And actually I have met her a long time back. I met her as a journalist when she was before she did all her videos, but ya know, and I told her that time it's so you're gonna grow up with some great stuff. I think she's been doing it now for about seven, eight years at least. Great stuff. Yeah, yeah, good choice. Okay, now a slightly controversial question. Okay, which nationality of tourists is the best? And which is the worst? Gonna get you in trouble Moses?

Unknown Speaker  30:14  
Not really. So what happens is, I would say, Indians are the best. Let me explain why your case, further local economy, if you see the Indian spend the most money. And since I've been in the tourism industry, you know, most people would think that the Indians are, you know, they make a mess and whatever that is true. But the good part about the Indian crowd is they spend a lot of money they tip well, like, for example, they would give a tip of 500 My friends are DJs if they want to play a song, they will remove 1000 rupees and give the DJ just to play a song. Nice. So yeah, but, and worst, I wouldn't say they're the worst, but the Russian tourists come sometimes, you know, they don't really know how to behave, especially when they drunk. And they bring quite a lot. You know, they create quite a nuisance sometimes. And because they are international tourists, nobody says anything to them. Because this is my personal experience of seeing, you know, from the beaches and places that I go because I shoot a lot in these touristic areas. And these are the things that you know, I have noticed around me,

Clyde D'Souza  31:27  
okay, if you had to shoot on an international road, now you've done a lot of growth with your beautiful style of shooting the virtual tours, which is the road that you're looking forward to shooting that's like your dream road,

Unknown Speaker  31:39  
up a town in Thailand. So Bhutan and Thailand is like, I mean, it's a place in Phuket. But what happened is I used to travel to Thailand almost every two months in the past, because I used to get really cheap flight tickets to Thailand. So what happens is from GWA, so every time is to get a chance for us to go to Thailand. So this is something that I know a lot of this, you know, eat small, exactly like go how and all the little small streets and everything. Yeah, so I know a lot of you know, small local food places, and especially the people I met a lot of good friends there. So I know a lot of nice people on the road.

Clyde D'Souza  32:22  
Nice. Okay, and the last question of the woods around? And this is my favorite question, because I think that the reason I ask this question is I think the way to love a place or in the way that you fall in love with the place is to know its mother tongue to know its language, you know? So my question to you is, what's your favorite company phrase or term and give me an example of it.

Unknown Speaker  32:42  
So Moga su means this is something that I tell people all the time. So Maga su means live means let it be Let There Be Love. Okay, so it's a common phrase that used to be used, you know, in the old days when Let There Be Love so anytime I meet a local or anything and at the end of our conversation, I'll always say Moga so you know means Let There

Clyde D'Souza  33:06  
Be Love Yeah, I'm I'm smiling a lot right now. I mean, we are doing this as an audio but the reason I'm smiling is because that's how I end all my podcasts that were on the same frequency that that's great. And that's what a way to kind of come to the closure of this podcast. So Moses, it was amazing talking to you. I love your energy. I like what you're doing and hoping to seeing a lot more of your videos soon. And yeah, thank you for coming on to the cigar stories podcast and like you say and like I say Moga samosas morgue as always, okay, guys, like I said, and I promised, this was going to be an exciting, beautiful episode and adventurous one not only for people who love to Seaguar but also for creators who might be wanting to start their own YouTube channels or become digital creators. So please do go and check out Moses Alana has a YouTube channel and his latest video is something that I like it's, you will see a beautiful guy in the reigns. And do keep listening to cigar stories from go and see you next week. Modasa Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed this episode of say God stories from GWA do subscribe if you're a new listener and join a community of people who love and live the golden lifestyle. Again, I'm Clyde de Souza and for more go and content you can follow me on Instagram at Clyde D'souza author. This podcast is brought to you by bound a company that helps you grow through stories, follow them and bound India on all social platforms for updates on this podcast or take a look at their other podcasts, Maga Sunni and see you soon