Susegad Stories From Goa

1.11 What makes Goan music so unique and enjoyable? with Agnelo Mendonca

July 15, 2022 Bound Podcasts Season 1 Episode 11
Susegad Stories From Goa
1.11 What makes Goan music so unique and enjoyable? with Agnelo Mendonca
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All of us have grooved to the evergreen Goan song “Maria Pitache”, haven’t we? From the slow and sad Mandos to the naughty and funny Dulpods, Goan music has a variety like no other!

Agnelo Mendonca talks about the journey of starting his own band to spread Goan music to the world. What are the different themes that Goan songs cover? What are some fascinating stories of prominent Goan musicians like Frank Fernand and Chris Perry? How has the Portuguese flavour influenced Bollywood and Indian music in general? 

Agnelo Mendonca is the founder and the lead vocalist of The Vindaloos. It is a popular Goan band based in Mumbai. They sing the best of Konkani hits as well as English songs. They are extremely popular in Goan restaurants and Catholic Gymkhanas in Mumbai.

Travel tip: On your next trip to Goa, visit Basilica of Bom Jesus and explore the fascinating history and architecture of this beautiful state!

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Hosted by Clyde D’Souza. He is a creative director who has worked in TV, print, and digital. His book Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment captures Goa through conversations, memories, stories, recipes and much more. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and lives the Susegad lifestyle every day! Follow him on Instagram @clydedsouzaauthor

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Brought to you by Bound, a company that helps you grow through stories. Follow us @boundindia on all social platforms for updates on this podcast or take a look at their other podcasts.

Hosted by Clyde D’Souza. He is a creative director who has worked in TV, print, and digital. His book Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment captures Goa through conversations, memories, stories, recipes and much more. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and lives the Susegad lifestyle every day! Follow him on Instagram @clydedsouzaauthor.

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Hello and welcome to say God stories from Goa. I'm your host Clyde de Souza.

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I'm a three time published author, media professional, and a go on who loves everything about God.

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My latest book is called to say God, the golden out of contentment.

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In my podcast I chat with some famous and some of my favorite goals. And together we explore go beyond the speeches from Fany to follow Casa to cashews, come discover GWA like you've never done before

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this episode is going to be fun because we're going to talk about music we're also going to listen to some company songs and go and music and well we all love music. It makes us dance cry travel to different times in our lives. And on today's episode, we're going to talk only about one music. Go has its own unique styles and genres of music from slow sad songs called Mundos to naughty and numerous funny duel pods. Go as many of you know is rich in music, wherever there are guns, there's going to be a guitar and someone to sing along. So in today's episode, it's really my privilege and honor to have my guest. His name is Agnello Mendonsa. He's the lead vocalist and founder of the vindaloo. Yes, fantastic name. The vindaloo 's are a very popular growing band based in Mumbai and they sing the best of concrete hits as well as English songs. They are a hit at various places from going restaurants like opened through two very very popular Jim Connors called Catholic Jim Karnas in Mumbai, as well as across India. So, welcome to cigar stories from Guam. Hey, thanks, Clyde. Thanks so much, man. I'm really feeling to figure out now.

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Yes, it's a long time coming for us to finally get to this episode, but I'm so glad we made it. And right now you're in a different time zones, I think across two continents. You're right now and America. So do you know generally Agnello what I do is I start the podcast by asking my guests where in Goa they are from. I know now right now you're not in war, but you are going in also. So where do you go are you from? And tell us a little bit about where you're from? I was born in Iran. That's where my mom comes from Burma actually from, you know, usually the mother goes to the her parents place for delivery. So I was born in Iran. But I'm actually from Alana Karachi. And if I'm not missing anything, a lot of the singers and good singers come from Alana, as soon as supposed to be very beautiful village and I think the place that you mentioned that has a nice bridge right? Where a lot of Instagramers go and take photographs. Yes. Yes. It's it's become it's become like a tourist place right now with that bridge. Yeah. And it's an island culture is an island that Yeah, yeah. Correct. The bridge is the connection. Connection now, which was other before we used to go with those canoes, and from one one site to the other, from the mainland alone or to the, you know, yeah, there's a very famous church also there at St. Thomas. St. Thomas. Yeah, exactly. Beautiful church and it has this I don't know if you've seen the words written on the Ark of the church. It says ice fires Merkava.

Unknown Speaker  3:30  
You know what, when I was a kid, I think the first time we went after the liberation, yeah, you know, all those bonds. Like I said, the after we came to Mumbai, or Bombay, when we were there sometime in 6419 64, or something. Yeah, I read that, you know, yeah, iced mocha. Follow Touka that's on the cemetery. And and it really, really struck me and I said, Wow, yeah. For other listeners who don't know that basically means me today. You tomorrow, which is a very tongue in cheek humorous and dark way of saying something, especially because it's so at the Ark of the cemetery. Exactly, exactly. Yeah. So the first time I heard you, and I heard you with the band was at the carnival ball, after Mumbai Willingdon. Catholic Jim Karna in Santa Cruz, right. And I think it was it was just after the lockdown at ease, things were opening up and the Carnival was the place for everyone to kind of let their hair down to celebrate getting their lives back. Right. And I think maybe even you probably performed after a long time live after the pandemic. So how was that? How was it performing and getting back on stage after? You know, two years of lockdown, man, it was really exciting. Let me tell you, okay, and also you could see the vibrant people that did they just want like how you said the pandemic had kept him in enclosed in those for almost one two years? One and a half, two years? Yeah. So they were like really letting go and one of the things I observed over there was a very concrete Santa Monica the company Cantana monetary you followed No, yeah, so many of them were asking for like those curve and being carnival time of course. I think many of them wanted those kinds of songs.

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Straight Yeah, belting out hit after hit and I just saw everyone it looked like you know that that you guys just helped everyone get their lives back get the magic back get there, you know get that whole feeling back the energy. And yeah I mean it was I think we were dancing after such a long time and wow it was it was magical and that's when I said okay, I've got to talk to you and I've got to talk to who the winner or loser so now I mean your Instagram Instagram page you guys are also killing it on Instagram there are videos that you've put up, and I saw a video of you going back way back to I think 1996 Maybe in your younger days and you know you were looking cool you look cool now as well. But you're super suave and and so I want to ask you what started roll when did you catch the golden song virus and what what brought you to you know, your love of company music? Oh, you know, my parents, both my mom and dad. Okay. They were like how they say the frontman in a band you have? It was like that, you know? And they were the ones who would sing all practically I don't know how many companies songs. Okay, and during Christmas after midnight mass with go home to home serenading it came from there, basically. So now the windows two things. One is that how did you come up with the name? And it's a bit of a family affair. Right. I think your son is the drummer Christoph. So tell us a little bit about about, you know, how did you just how did y'all come up with the name and what is the band all about? See what happened was my son is to play for another band before. It's called the mavens. He's a drummer, and the lead guitarist called him up one day and he said that they're having this play called Loretta and he says it's like a company English kind of a play Loretta. And they want someone to sing some company songs. Okay. Okay. At the beginning of the show, have the interval and D and in the foyer, you know, so my my son sent him a picture. He said my dad thinks company sounds man. So he says, Oh Crikey. Just send us one song. So I sang that song from mom channel shape. You know.

Unknown Speaker  7:08  
I love this song. I love it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  7:12  
No, no. See Alvarez. He's written right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  7:17  
And it was supposed to be called Johnny Bell Chow. And, okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  7:23  
But then they found the Johnny ball champion when Dallas is too long and named. Alright, and so we cut it short and we just called it the winner lose. In the other one go together. They're both clashing.

Unknown Speaker  7:38  
But I like both.

Unknown Speaker  7:43  
My mouth watering for Bao Chun?

Unknown Speaker  7:46  
Came up with the name. Okay, great. And it's got your son. It's got your nice new set. Right? The Frank finance grandson who's no yes, yes. Yeah, see, and myself four of us. Wow. And trust me, people loved it. And during interval, they didn't want to go back to the theater.

Unknown Speaker  8:06  
Because it was like all these nostalgic kind of things. I don't know people, especially when we did it at ncpa. Then at in Andrews, at St. Andrews Avenue, you might find a clip over somewhere there where these old people are dancing. You know, three, four people, they got together some of them sitting in a circle in the foyer there. So it was fun. It was a fun thing. And that's that's how the window loose came into being. And then somebody asked her, Would y'all play for a show? Would y'all do this? And that's how we got a few other band members in right. Whoa, nice Sunday. Yeah. And yeah, so some of your songs like for example, my favorite one of my favorite songs is to Mooji soup, right which is by

Unknown Speaker  8:46  
which is a legendary musician.

Unknown Speaker  8:49  
And I think it's from from a movie called Borg Lanti if I'm not mistaken to sue Lago not to turn to I mean, I sing it but

Unknown Speaker  9:02  
basically, you are my You are my souk, which is your my piece that

Unknown Speaker  9:08  
I'm never hungry. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. It's such a great melody. And I mean, it honestly is like a very specific art song. It brings you a lot of peace when you kind of listen to it. I love singing that song. We used to sing it at the

Unknown Speaker  9:24  
Loretta play, you know?

Unknown Speaker  9:27  
Yeah. Randall, who's a singer she used to sing and it was in seconds with a hole for the song. Yeah, it's a beautiful song. Really beautiful. Very nice. Very nice. Very nice. Yeah. And the now moving on to another song which is again, a slightly more faster song, which is a Remo song,

Unknown Speaker  9:43  
which is Maria Petacci. I think a lot of people who are probably not going to have attended a go and wedding or they tended any kind of a Catholic do, they would have heard the Maria Petacci where lots of people get out there hankies and put it out in the air right now I was very surprised to know Agnello that the song basically

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
is an old Portuguese song called barra de demo, which basically means bar of the month. Okay, and it's about this guy who wanted to get married to this, this girl. And the father says, Yeah, you can marry my daughter, but then he ends up giving Maria Maria that's his daughter's name to some well the man. And that's what my architecture is about. I didn't even know that. You even I didn't know even I didn't know. Yeah, it's quite crazy, right? Yes. Yeah. And of course, it was used in a Bollywood film. You want to just sing a couple of the words of that.

Unknown Speaker  10:33  
You know what, basically I've seen wherever we play, many of the people usually come and say, hey, please play Maria Petra, she please be so I think that's one of the very popular songs you know. Yeah. So Maria Petacci. Oh Maria Petacci. Oh Maria pita che Oh Maria Peter Chi

Unknown Speaker  10:53  
Chi Oh, Maria Petacci, who? Maria Pitta. Yeah, this song basically gets everybody onto the dance floor. And obviously there are a few pegs that have been downed by now.

Unknown Speaker  11:07  
This is this is the clarion call when you know that there's there's not going to be an inch of the floor left and everyone from uncle's Auntie's to even people who are on walking sticks and wheelchairs will get onto the floor and

Unknown Speaker  11:20  
that seems it seems to have that kind of energy to it, right? Yes. Yeah. Is it is it one of your first songs that you start the masala with or what is it? Oh, no, no, no, we we we start with

Unknown Speaker  11:37  
what you call them by Sandra, Mama.

Unknown Speaker  11:41  
Yeah, bribery comme la magia. Minor mica DeLallo con de mer, Lana, como de la, you know, and then the Ramada mama and Santa took on the Rama jam. And el Santana took their muzzle Reja philia laggy kilo man do not damage or reach a pillion buggy kill lumen. Dolakha. So

Unknown Speaker  12:07  
what? No, that drama is basically it's about talking to a rat, right? And telling the rat that they don't play with the cat, right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  12:18  
The cat's gonna get to Yeah, and witty funny song. I mean, right? Yes. Very, very, very. You know, in fact, when you say with the songs I'll sing it Can I can I can I just sing one of those songs my mom and dad. I don't know how. What shall sense it make but I don't know whether you've ever heard it, please. Okay. Just a few. Go one one. Boy one two verses of that. Yeah. Whoo hoo. Tana, good. Anita Anna Keaton's 32 kirtsaeng batho, Moto Sanghi, Anna, CUDA and routa. More Gemma

Unknown Speaker  12:56  
due to Matienzo Lane FAAC.

Unknown Speaker  12:59  
Maca boot. kutchi Loggly

Unknown Speaker  13:03  
and he ki tiempo lo Garhwali je soapnut li war.

Unknown Speaker  13:11  
G Garhwali. More J Tsavo Li have a lie to Paulo in de tante Soglin anti meeting who's li Kulu chalo kar Li. So this is one of the songs my mum and dad would say, you know, wow. And I think it's about it's about the code, which is basically going where a lot of people migrants, especially from Goa who came to Bombay, he went and lived in this goods, which is basically a club and most of them are in Dobby tallow and Marine Lines, right? So the song is about that. And it's about a couple at the code. Right? This guy, this guy's there and the sister staying there. And he says, I can't complain because my sister is staying here. Yeah. And it's been a very funny way, you know, but that's right. The schools were like,

Unknown Speaker  13:56  
What do you say from home for? For all people? And I seen pictures the other day from one of the schools somewhere in the metro cinema, right? Yeah. Dr. Dubrow and with all those, were those trunks the the aluminum, the aluminum cans with the names written on it and, and these lovely big halls where all of them would sleep on bunk beds. Huge Hall, and I'm just trying to save I was wondering like how these guys kind of live adjusted with one another, you know, yeah, everyone comes with a different kind of,

Unknown Speaker  14:32  
but they did, they did live together there. Right. And some of them some of these clubs are also named after their villages and go like, right there was like a rock club there was

Unknown Speaker  14:43  
like, they were they were occurring para, you know, like the those kinds of they're separated by the village names. Yes, yes. Religion came from right quite fascinating. And it's amazing that there's a song also based on the codes I mean, wow. I

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Didn't know that that's awesome well I don't know whether but this this is like I said no this is one of the songs my parents would sing you know yeah wow yeah so I mean there's a lot of songs have history behind it for example now i You may have I'm sure you sing the song called far far that I

Unknown Speaker  15:18  
that era not too far

Unknown Speaker  15:23  
too I don't I forget the other but it's it's a very yeah it's a very peppy song and

Unknown Speaker  15:31  
Aurora Correct correct so it's again it's I think it's a dual pod which is one of the fastest songs that goes along well with the masala now what is fascinating about this is the song is actually part of the liberation movement and far far that I refer to is basically that Ronnie who is a freedom fighter is firing on the on the Portuguese and the Portuguese are firing back and Ferrara means firing. So it's actually a war song. You know I mean all of us just sang it right? We just sang it at parties thinking about this is such a fun song Not knowing that it's actually almost the it's basically a work right? Yes, yes. So yeah quite a fascinating thing about so many songs that are connected to US history and all of it you know, I'm plus they would be songs about the y's waiting for her husband was going to Bombay I know whether you've heard that one also. What is that? You know, Carla kita Karachi.

Unknown Speaker  16:26  
currently married to Kapha merger polti Chico highlighter and who don't watch rainbow

Unknown Speaker  16:36  
Potty. Potty Tujuh Gopa. Maka, I'm just thinking short. Beautiful. Yeah. The crow right and she's telling the crew for that. If you got a letter from us if you got a telegram tar from my husband only then come in

Unknown Speaker  16:53  
Give it to me and then she's saying potty potty has been come has been Come and embrace me in your arms. Exactly. Because she says no model potty boom we Gala. Tazo. Who's co Marquez.

Unknown Speaker  17:07  
Yeah, booty boo Miguel, todos ko Marquez,

Unknown Speaker  17:13  
and in Imani Rathi so far chairperson Bijou Maka de la Okay, and it goes on and on and that that people forget that phone Bombay was a foreign country, right. You required a passport to come to Bombay if you were

Unknown Speaker  17:31  
right, yeah, no, there's so many singers who basically do they were brought up in Goa but then they moved to Bombay, especially guys like Chris Perry and all that who started singing in Calcutta and all of that right Chris Perry and Donna Of course there's a very famous Love Story movie was made on it called not so your composure and it was like a really great love story and Chris Perry and Don are famous musicians apparently Chris Perry so the the AR tune that we hear is Chris Paris tune the signature All India Radio tune that's actually composed by Chris Perry even I didn't know that I was like amazed. Yeah, what do you see actually no, Bob Clyde from what I was told even by my cousin he said mostly it was the governs initially would bring the music arrangements for films, you know? Yes. And that's why you find so many of the songs that time to recovery. Sometimes you call in I used to say to say jewelry jewelry soon thank god

Unknown Speaker  18:29  
yeah, they had a very well

Unknown Speaker  18:33  
yeah, all those songs basically have the goal and kind of feel Yes, you know, to that music, right? Like for example now I don't know you for obviously you've seen Amar Akbar Anthony, right. So the Anthony from that and the song My name is Anthony Gonzalez. The Anthony Gonzalez is basically inspired from from legendary musician Cornell authentic Gonzales. And that was parallels that we can't parallel parallel was a tribute to Anthony Gonzalez. That song is actually a tribute to Anthony Gonzalez. And the character is also a tribute to Anthony Gonzalez. So yeah, he has some really fascinating stuff. And a lot of the Bollywood playback singers, musicians at that time were all from God, because they were the ones who learned from, I guess, the Portuguese and all of that. That's right. That time all those musicians. I remember my uncle who's I told he was a musician. I mean, I was told he used to play with Ravi Shankar and so go on tours with him. But he he told me so I don't know my cousin. They were making up. He says, even you made a little mistake. When when when playing the violin, you know, they would hit you on your ear with a cane. Wow. Okay. No, I'm not.

Unknown Speaker  19:41  
But I'm just sharing this. This is what I was told. I mean, like, I mean, they wanted such precision. I mean, you found all these guys were really really good man.

Unknown Speaker  19:50  
Really? Well, I mean, Chris Perry. I mean, his songs are legendary. He composed a lot of the last songs right? I mean, alone. I mean, as we all know, she's still alive. She's still singing She still

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Oh, brilliant on stage, what a powerful voice. She's got. And I think if I'm not mistaken Chris Perry met her when she was just 16 and got her on stage. 50 right and then of course they had an affair and after that he kind of borrowed her from singing with others. That's also quite crazy. But then she never got married but she's always singing these awesome songs and one of the songs that I love about Lorna of loners is Bebo, known she Boomer J. Koszalin. cannot search into nursling Kananga Deena Ganga, Siva Maka boglen totally go Makeham Yola, Bebo cyber Kozar Zangwill NuForce firstly, Margie to keep them on.

Unknown Speaker  20:41  
Your by Lady yo. Sodoma Kozai point low, and he saw Rama Kadima, tuzo foot tall on top Hello everybody now yo by Li yo Sodoma casa por lo Sodoma cadena de latitudes of footstone. Oh

Unknown Speaker  21:01  
wow, superb and basically it means give me my alcohol otherwise I'll break your

Unknown Speaker  21:11  
commission coming down on but when Lola sings the song she sings it like with so much of power? Does she better she get that power from she still wanted 7075 Plus I'm not mistaken. Right? Think it was just for COVID Just before COVID I just would dying to hear because she's she's actually I like Chris Perry and Lorna. You know, I mean, I think you take any song, any of the songs. There are a hitman there. He really got something to live right. You've seen her perform live. And yes, I wanted to and somebody told me they're having a show at Bandra. Yeah, on the Promenade or whatever it is. Yes. And I told my wife let's go honey, come on, move on. And luckily enough, we found two chairs right in front. They're good. Yeah. And man, she's still got that. Punch and voice Yeah, she's still got the lungs rolling. She can belt it out. And I remember watching her live and

Unknown Speaker  22:04  
it was amazing. And then at one point, she even fell down. Yeah, while she was singing. She kind of tripped and she fell down. But she continued singing and that's when you Okay, first I thought this was plus one or something. And she's not really singing live. But that's that's when I realized no wait. She's actually singing. She she sings even there at the Bandra thing. She was singing live, man. Yeah. Unbelievable. And I think anybody who's heard Alana and Chris song, they fall in love with it. And it's quite quite an amazing life story that she's had. Yeah, now I guess. The other thing is

Unknown Speaker  22:35  
a lot of people especially in India now there seems to be this wave of going not only going music but a lot of independent music and lots of artists who are coming up with their own songs. So do you think you're Are you trying to like make your own country songs, your own songs or something like that? No, actually.

Unknown Speaker  22:52  
i Okay. Since you brought it up, I just thought about my cousin. name is Luis Munoz is very good at writing lyrics. And he said, I will write the lyrics. And you will sing. But it never happened. You know, maybe this is the last song that you can sing is Tamra Rosa, which is sung at a pretty much every wedding towards the end and it's normally a father who's singing thumri Rosa, which is a very popular Mondo right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  23:21  
Rose to J. Pauling do Connie ball. More J DOORLY. Tom de Rosa, to Jay Paul.

Unknown Speaker  23:41  
Do Kenny Bolier. More J though.

Unknown Speaker  23:50  
And what is great about the song is basically it's about like, your cheers. Your cheeks are red. And there are tears streaming down my eyes. My

Unknown Speaker  23:59  
take your father's permission. Bah, bah. Charlie says

Unknown Speaker  24:03  
poorly, cause Arizona No. Coding means he's saying Go and ask your father if he's given the permission permission. Yeah, it's a proposal song basically. And yeah, it's something right. Yeah, it's a beautiful beautiful song. Yeah, that's true. I mean, every time I think the first time I heard it, I was like, wow, mesmerized by it as a kid. Are you are you are you hopeful for for a lot of gun music? You're keeping it alive. Your son is keeping it alive. So do you see the next generation also as interested

Unknown Speaker  24:33  
with with gun music and company music?

Unknown Speaker  24:38  
See if you're talking about Mumbai, yeah. I don't hear much of it. Right To be honest with you, of course when people but one of the things is my son somehow got this kind of joshing him and he said, No, no, no, no, no, no, we got to bring in a lot of company, you know, you understand and what has happened through that. through that. I found a lot of people

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
To asking for these kinds of songs. Okay, how I like to be, and I'm being very honest with you. The thing is how long it will I mean, who will carry it on in the future in the next generation? I do. I do not know. But who is still alive? Correct. Okay. Go it's still alive because they do sing songs in company at weddings and stuff like that. Just last month I was in San Diego for like, they have this weekly Tuesday market. Right? Where they basically yeah, it's just the regular Tuesday market and lots of village folk sell their products and wares, and they make a nice kind of Carnival out of it. And there was this very young girl, she must have been about 10 or something like that. And she was she had a keyboard and she was singing all the going songs. It was beautiful gifts, like, Okay, I was very, very, you know, like, taken up by that. It was like, Okay, this is great. Yeah, so I think a lot of maybe people in Goa are still keeping that alive. And hopefully, with your company music, you know, going down the generations, let's hope. But for now, I think you're doing some great stuff. And so now Agnello, I want to ask you, you bring joy to a lot of people. But what brings us to say, God, and you know, you don't have to give a cliched answer what truly brings you peace in your life. Never thought about

Unknown Speaker  26:13  
it. I don't

Unknown Speaker  26:16  
like like, I mean, no, but see, one of the things don't like people people normally ask me, What are your plans? And I said, I don't know. I'm just trying to take one day at a time.

Unknown Speaker  26:27  
Because now like to give very practical who thought of COVID Tell me? Yes, exactly. Just hit us. blindsided us.

Unknown Speaker  26:36  
I don't know whether that makes any sense to you. But what it does, it does. It does. It's that way. Like I mean, it's not that you don't plan plan things like okay, but

Unknown Speaker  26:45  
But it's like,

Unknown Speaker  26:47  
not like, making it like the one and final thing and then getting disappointed and saying, oh, man, I plan this. Right. Right. Right. So that's the way

Unknown Speaker  26:58  
I think I'm one of the societal goals, I suppose. I don't know. You'd like to take things as they as they come in? That's in that sense? Yes. Yes. No, I sense that I sense that basically, it seems to me and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I sense that you seem to have a lot of gratitude with whatever comes your way. Like okay, I'm happy with with the with what, what comes my way? And I'm grateful for it. I'm getting that sense. I don't know why. No, it's true. I think I think you've put you put it in the right perspective.

Unknown Speaker  27:25  
Okay, so I have another good confounding question. But again, you can answer from your heart, which I know you will do. So I always ask my guests what is the meaning of love to them? See, the thing is, where love is concerned? I mean, this for me, okay? The way the way I think is like this.

Unknown Speaker  27:43  
Love has to flow from inside. Okay? It has to stem from inside. Or like if I were to come and hug you.

Unknown Speaker  27:52  
All right. I wouldn't hug you because I have to hug you. But he just said I want to hug you and say, right, right.

Unknown Speaker  28:00  
Right. It needs to it needs to come from the heart is that? I mean, that's the way it is.

Unknown Speaker  28:06  
Okay, nice. It's quite deep. It doesn't have to be superficial, basically. So that way, you know, that's that's not not that way. It has to be like, deep. I can't. I can't do that. So I don't know how else to explain it to you. Like somebody said to me, are you married? He said, Yeah, I married someone. Not not someone who I could live with but who I cannot live without.

Unknown Speaker  28:29  
So wow. That's that's the way it is. Nice.

Unknown Speaker  28:35  
Super, super, super. Love to you. That's a great answer. So okay, now my next segment, which I call the user round also means as we know fire

Unknown Speaker  28:47  
Yeah, I'm setting you on fire now. turning up the heat. So it's my usual round, which is the rapid fire round where I just asked you know, quick questions and one word type of answers with which you can give. Okay, so Yeah, question one who made you fall in love with go and music? My parents thank you to them for you know, raising you up and allowing you to spread good music. Okay, what's your favorite non going song to sing? Oh, this is my wife's favorite. So I usually sing wonder have you to my nauseous understanding? When everything I do is wrong? You gave me hope and consolation. You gave me trained to carry on to summer with her. I fell in love with it. Yeah, beautiful. And I guess you also sing it when you want to make up to

Unknown Speaker  29:36  
sing the song Saturday.

Unknown Speaker  29:40  
I'm sure

Unknown Speaker  29:42  
what so now you sing a lot of songs and you have a lot of songs that you'd like to sing but what's your favorite song to listen to?

Unknown Speaker  29:49  
So honestly, Clyde, I don't have one favorite song as such. We are the champions of the world. Freddie Mercury. Well, yeah, that's a very energetic lively, so

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
I love the guy singing. I think most of his songs I love to hear. So it's the same way. Like I mean, I just go to say, I love you, you know.

Unknown Speaker  30:10  
I love Stevie Wonder. So So that's why when you if you if you were to ask me like which is the favorite of your songs or whatever it is, I cannot sum it up in one line and tell you this the only one, right, like, different different like a like, like one of the songs Beatles I love to sing is well Cheever just said, I think you've heard me saying that. Yes. Yeah. So that's, that's the song that I love to sing. Lovely. Okay, and now if you'd if you'd like if you had a chance to sing a duet with Lorna, what do I do?

Unknown Speaker  30:43  
Oh, man. Oh, that's that's asking for too much.

Unknown Speaker  30:49  
Let's, let's let's bring it let's make it happen.

Unknown Speaker  30:52  
What would it be good to the sheer Tolo ego to Jay Mutola. You know, that's one of the songs or even even feasts of Bebo. I would love to see. Yeah, I think the song that you just sang was to smoke. Oh, yeah, I think it's called.

Unknown Speaker  31:11  
I do that. Which is your love, right? Yeah. Yeah. It seems like a lot of our songs were sung with Chris Perry on mind or in mind, or whether I don't know Chris Perry wrote it with her in mind. It seems like That almost seems like there's some kind of connectivity I like, very long, kind of all the songs.

Unknown Speaker  31:29  
Yeah. Okay. My next question is, what's your favorite company phrase or word or term that you always use? Which you like, I don't, I don't have a portfolio like a favorite chemical thing in concrete.

Unknown Speaker  31:43  
Right. So this was this was an amazing chat. And you know, thank you for singing all those songs and bringing back some amazing memories. And hopefully everyone who listen to this podcast has now fallen in love with company music with go and music and maybe when you're back, they follow you on Instagram. They checked you out on the Windows Instapage and maybe they will be at your next performance. I think you perform quite regularly at Oh, Pedro's restaurant also involved Yes, yes, yes. And other venues also. Right. So I think Labs is over there and we think they're doing some great stuff with their food and everything

Unknown Speaker  32:18  
is gonna wipe to two Bombay's yes they have they have good girl I mean close to go and food like over there. right these are different kinds of things. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  32:30  
Great Agnello it this was a this was a great conversation. I really enjoyed I think everybody who's listened as well as enjoyed it. You know, you can end with that song that you love from the assumption machine. Yeah, so just you know, singers out into the podcast. Okay. And Clyde. Thanks so much man for having me. But thanks for your patience. Now I love you man. Yeah, I love you too. And thank you so much for for for doing this and yes, please sing us into the night. Okay, so yeah goes man.

Unknown Speaker  33:03  
Morgana soon. Boring.

Unknown Speaker  33:08  
TV Tsuki Cory

Unknown Speaker  33:13  
she Tokai chain wire

Unknown Speaker  33:19  
card Jana esta Puri

Unknown Speaker  33:25  
Borja Moga tofu, Gundy Tolo do food

Unknown Speaker  33:38  

Unknown Speaker  33:40  

Unknown Speaker  33:42  
or don't move a buy low do beautiful ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Agnello Mendonsa from live in Dallas. Thank you Agnello Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed that Maga. So thank you so much. I enjoyed this session too.

Unknown Speaker  34:02  
Thank you for listening. And I hope you enjoyed this episode of say God stories from Guam. Do subscribe if you're a new listener and join a community of people who love and live the golden lifestyle. Again, I'm Clyde de Souza and for more go and content you can follow me on Instagram at Clyde de Souza author. This podcast is brought to you by bound a company that helps you grow through stories, follow them and bound India on all social platforms for updates on this podcast or take a look at their other podcasts. Moga Sunni and see you soon